Weergegevensbron: weer morgen Bordeaux


Restaurant recommendations around the campsite

France is known for its extraordinary gastronomic culture. Dishes, wines, cheeses – there might be a reason why a lot of them have a French name. Every French region has its own specialities. The Southwest is known for everything duck related (confit de canard, cassoulet, the not undisputed foie gras), black truffles and the wines of Bergerac and Duras. The regional cuisine is relatively uncomplicated but no less delicious. In this blog, you’ll find our favorite restaurants around the campsite, where you can enjoy dishes ranging from a simple plat du jour to an exquisite chefs menu. In the bureau at the campsite you’ll find a book with many more recommendations, also from (former) guests!

Applies to all restaurants, especially in summer time: reservation recommended.

Le Tortoni €€

Eymet (5 min by car, 15 bike)

More a cafe than a restaurant. Have an apéro at the brilliant terrace and save yourself the trouble of moving to another place for dinner. Classic dishes such as steak frites and burgers taste excellent at this restaurant with a very friendly owners.

Bistrot du Commerce €

Miramont-de-Guyenne (15 min by car, 30 min bike)

The place to go if you want to enjoy a typical French plat du jour (menu of the day) in a rather ‘untouristic’ manner. The portions are very generous, the food tastes good. Service is attentive and friendly. Show up for lunch before 12.30 and for dinner before 20.30.

La Moderne €€

Villereal (30 min by car)

A popular spot situated on the central square of beautiful bastide village Villereal. Book beforehand and enjoy a very typical French lunch or dinner. They typically place families with children in the salle à manger upstairs, so a table on the ground floor is often also grown-ups only. 🙂

Crêperie La Maison d’Amour €€

Eymet (5 min by car, 15 min bike)

You might ask: ‘a crêperie, are you serious?’ Yes we’re very serious. This restaurant at the lovely main square of Eymet does not only serve crêpes (a joy as a dessert by the way) but also very tasty main dishes such as grilled duck and fish of the day. Order a pichet of wine on the side and enjoy your lunch or dinner! During weekdays there’s a formule du midi – always changing – that we recommend.

L’atelier €€€€

Issigeac (30 min by car)

Issigeac is one of the more posh villages around. And this restaurant fits that image. Order the creative 6-course chefs menu with on point wine pairings by the sommelier and experience the French high cuisine.

O’Treize clochers €€€

Monteton (30 min by car, 60 min bike)

Without doubt the restaurant with the most stunning view in this list. The name of the restaurant refers to the 13 bell towers you could spot from this point. Eating here brings an extra dimension. Note: the obligatory parking is a brisk walk from the restaurant.

La Maison Vari €€

Monbazillac (25 min by car, 50 min bike)

In a stunning garden, sheltered by many trees, the Vari family serves simple cheese & charcuterie platters and salade. Because this is a winery, you can taste a lot of wines – also by the glass (including old vintages of sweet Monbazillac). Did you enjoy your rosé or moelleux? Take a bottle (or case) from the restaurant shop to enjoy at the campsite!

Walnut €€€

Eymet (5 min by car, 15 bike)

A restaurant for the more special occasions. Excellent service! Climatized so perfect for a hot summer eve. Or go to this restaurant for its famous Sunday roast…

Le Jean Bistrot €€

Beaumontois-en-Périgord (45 min by car)

A nice modern bistrot run by a young equipe. Great terrace on the central square of this dreamy village. Perfect to combine with a visit to the regular brocante markets, take a look at our special bastide section for more info.