Weergegevensbron: weer morgen Bordeaux


Our campsite is in the midst of the Bergerac and Duras wine region. The world famous Bordeaux wine region starts just a 20 min drive by car from Moulin Brûlé. On this page we’ll explain how wine tastings regularly work and mention our favorite winemakers.

Tasting wine

Most winemakers welcome tourists for a wine tasting. These tastings are generally for free, although it will be appreciated if you buy some wine afterwards. Most small wine firms don’t have appointed staff for tastings – you’ll meet the winemaker him/herself. That’s why we recommend to always call in advance, maybe the vigneron is working in the vineyards.

How it works: you ring at the door and wait until someone is welcoming you. You’ll enter the cave and the winemaker asks you what you would like to taste. Don’t be shy to tell what you wish, a bottle that is opened will be used for next visitors or at dinner that night. 😉 In some places you’ll be provided with a crachoir to spit in, in other places you can kindly ask. Spitting is not required, unless you’re driving.

Some wineries have a large gamma of wines. It might be useful to take notes while tasting to make sure you remember the first and second wine when you’ve finished the tasting. At the end of the tasting you can tell which wines you liked and how much bottles you want to buy. Most wineries have the possibility to pay by card nowadays.

The Bergerac and Duras wine region is generally not very touristic. You may visit a winemaker that doesn’t speak another language than French. If you don’t, just say bonjour, smile and you will be fine. Wineries close during lunch time and mostly on Sundays.

Wines of Bergerac and Duras

The Bergerac and Duras region is famous for its crisp white wines (made of Sauvignon Blanc and often some Sémillon), rosés and moelleux (sweet wine). Reds are mostly made from the ‘Bordeaux blend’ of grapes: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc. Wines from this region are generally of good quality, for good prices. The more exceptional wine, for often a lot higher prices, can be found a bit further away in the Bordeaux region. The choice is huge, so we have made a selection of our favorite places you can also visit to taste and buy wine. They range from the simple (5-10 euros for a bottle) to chique (15-30 euros for a bottle).

Chateau Les Brandeaux – Thénac
Run by the brothers Jean-Marc and Thierry Piazzetta, this winery is our principal wine supplier. They sell nice and honest wines for good prices (mostly 5-10 euros per bottle). The white and rosé is great for a sunny day, the moelleux to pair with desert and the Cabernet Franc is Cees’ favorite red wine. You’ll find the mentioned wines also in the fridge at the bureau to enjoy at the campsite.

Chateau de la Jaubertie – Colombier
Just a stone’s throw from the scenic route from Castillonnès to Bergerac (N21) you will find this imposing domaine. Owned by Hugh Ryman – a former flying winemaker (wine consultant) for top estates all over the world. This is – in our opinion – one of the best domaines in the region. Prices are above average here (15-30 euros per bottle), but so is the wine. Accessible and friendly tasting room with regular opening hours. Try the Mirabelle white, rosé and red.

Domaine de l’Ancienne Cure – Colombier
If the way a winemakers deals with nature is important for you, this is your domaine. You’ll taste flawless biological and even biodynamical wines. Same story as De la Jaubertie: quality and prices above average in the region. But definitely worth the trip.

Château de Fayolle – Saussignac

The American-owned château offers several guided tours, organised tastings, other events and an antiques shop. Perfect place to go for an accessible type of wine tasting: they have menus where you can taste some wines for free (e.g. only reds from different vintages or all the new wines) and tours with prices ranging from 8-20 euros where tasting is part of the program, one even including tasting wines directly from the barriques. Despite its more sophisticated character, the wines are still reasonably priced (8-25 euros). You can also enjoy a selection of meats or cheese to accompany the wine, for lunch on their terrace, with a beautiful view.

Château La Verrière – Landerrouat

Just over the border of the Bergerac wine region, this château makes delicious vin de Bordeaux. As of 2024 the château is officially certified bio. Very friendly owners who are willing to improvise a tasting for you. Price – quality value is really good! (prices range from 5-15 euro)

Château Vari – Monbazillac

You can taste and buy the wines of Chateau Vari at La Maison Vari (see restaurants for a review). Possibly our favorite rosé is the VariEté from this domaine.

Wines of Bordeaux

If you would like to taste and buy more fancy wines, a trip to the Bordeaux wine region is recommended. The AOC Bordeaux starts 20 mins from the campsite around the village of Ste Foy-la-Grande, but the more famous wines come from Saint-Émilion (50 mins) and around the Garonne river banks. Great activity for a day tour is to take the boat from Blaye to Lamarque. From here you can visit villages with world famous names such as Pauillac and Saint-Estèphe.